Unionville Vineyards- 10/27/2018

Today, we come to you with a review of Unionville Vineyards. Unionville resides in Ringoes, New Jersey which is located in the scenic Hunterdon County. Not only does Unionville offer delicious, estate-grown wines, they are also a member of the New Jersey Winemakers Co-Op (https://www.thewinemakersco-op.com/). Unionville opened their doors in 1993 and first planted their vines in 1988.

We planned on stopping in, doing a tasting, and purchasing some bottles before heading off to the next winery of the day. What was planned to be a short visit turned to two hours of delicious wine tasting, an engaging tour of the property and wine making process, and meeting and greeting with many experts in this industry. Oh, and did we mention that we opted to join their wine club as well?!

Our tasting was conducted by one of their tasting experts, Karen. We’ve visited Unionville before and got to know Karen during one of the prior visits. What a great brand ambassador she is! Not only is Karen knowledgeable and passionate about Unionville wines, she’s extremely charismatic and takes the time to walk you through every step of the wine tasting journey. After doing another tasting with Karen, we knew that we would need to join their wine club and pop back in frequently for more visits.

Unfortunately, we forgot to grab our tasting sheets and notes from this trip. Here is what we tasted (from memory, so we apologize for any mix ups):

  1. 2016 Chardonnay- Fruit forward, we believe this is done in stainless steel. If there is any oak, it is very light and not used to overpower the beauty of the fruit.
  2. 2014 Pheasant Hill Chardonnay- Bright and balanced, fruit comes from their Pheasant Hill vineyard. We had to leave with a bottle of this gem.
  3. 2014 Eureka- Riesling blend, we believe there was a small percentage of residual sugar in this one. Still would classify it as an off-dry and not sweet.
  4. Fields of Fire- Their Rose offering, beautiful dry rose that has bold and bright fruit on the palate. Opted for a bottle of this as well.
  5. Revolutionary Red- Red blend, easy drinking red wine that is available.
  6. Syrah (cannot remember the vintage)- This beauty was decanted before serving, high in tannin and bold, it was delicious after a bit of oxygen. We can imagine this aging well.
  7. 2014 The Big O- What a name! This was a bold, red blend that we enjoyed. We’ve purchased before and enjoyed it after a little decanting as well.
  8. 2017 Cool Fox Lady- White, dessert-style wine. Not 100% sure, but we do not think this is a fortified wine.

As we noted above, we left with a bottle of the 2014 Pheasant Hill Chardonnay and the Fields of Fire Rose. We also purchased two of their 25th anniversary wine glasses (large and deep bowl which is great for swirling).

After our tasting, we were pleasantly surprised to hear about a tour that was coming up. The tour was free, so of course we opted in to join! We were lucky to have Zeke as our tour guide. Outside of giving educational tours, he is heavily involved in the wine making operations at Unionville.

Zeke gave us a full experience tour, first talking through the process of the vineyard operations in great detail. We then moved to the lower level in the barn where you will find large tanks of wine fermenting. It is here where we ran into John Cifelli, General Manager of Unionville Vineyards and Executive Director of the New Jersey Winemakers Co-Op. We hope our paths cross again very soon!

Our experience tour then led us to the crush pad and finally to the building where their crushed grapes are being stored. During each step in the tour, Zeke provided an educational lesson of the entire wine making experience which was fantastic to hear about!

All in all, it was a fantastic visit to Unionville Vineyards and one that we will always value. We are excited to be wine club members and look forward to many future experiences here. Hats off to Karen, Zeke, and John for a great customer experience!

Please see below for our rating of Unionville. We apologize to John in advance as our rating system has changed! If we were still giving out a numbered rating, this experience would have definitely warranted a 10!

Have you been to Unionville Vineyards before? Let us know your thoughts!

Wine is calling, we must go!

Nick & Ed


Cedar Rose Vineyards- 9/30/2018

Hello again, Wine Lovers! Today we are coming to you with a review of Cedar Rose Vineyards in Millville, NJ. Cedar Rose is currently open to the public by appointment only.

We stopped by Cedar Rose on our way back from the shore on a Sunday afternoon. The winery is located conveniently off of NJ Route 55 (exit 29 or 32).  When we pulled up to the property, we were surprised by the level of beauty the property has already. For such a new winery, you can truly see the hard work and dedication that the Owners have put into the operation. We highly encourage you to review their website (https://cedarrosevineyards.com) for their story (see Dig Deeper section). This page will give you the background on their journey.

The tasting room is outfitted with all types of reclaimed wood and materials that make for a tasteful, impressive, and modern design. Their ability to reuse and appreciate all types of items, that may have been otherwise discarded, is impressive and admirable.

Now on to the important stuff…the wine! We had the opportunity to taste up to eight of their 11 varietals at the time. Here are our notes:

  1. 2016 Traminette- Similar to an off-dry riesling, beautiful floral notes on the nose
  2. 2017 Chardonnay- Fermented in stainless steel and in a sur lie style (white wine fermented with yeast for a longer period of time, similar to a red wine; gives body)
  3. 2017 Chambourcin Rose- Dry, crisp, balanced acidity rose (We also had an opportunity to try the Cabernet Franc Rose at a wine festival which was also VERY good!)
  4. Kindling Edition 1- Very similar to a Cabernet Franc on the nose and in taste
  5. 2015 Chambourcin- Smooth and big bold fruit flavors with this one
  6. 2015 Samara- Blend of Blaufrankisch/Cabernet Franc (54/46), smooth and dry, great for fall and winter seasons
  7. 2016 Blaufrankisch- Smooth and delicious (unfortunately these are all of the notes on this one, we were slacking by this point, clearly!)
  8. 2016 Thundergust- Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Chambourcin (30/30/30), this was our favorite, we plan on stopping back for this blend

We left with bottles of their Traminette, Chambourcin Rose, and Samara.

We highly recommend you stop by this gem of a winery, soon! If you live further away, plan to visit Cedar Rose and some of the other wineries in the Outer Coastal Plain AVA region. We recommend making a trip out of it!

As mentioned above, Cedar Rose is currently open by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment with them via their Facebook page (Facebook). We believe they will be open fully soon with regular operating hours, but we recommend scheduling an appointment with them now to guarantee a personalized experience. There’s been a lot of hype around Cedar Rose Vineyards (for good reason), so get in before the crowd!

Please see below for our scorecard for Cedar Rose Vineyards. Wine is calling, we must go!

Nick & Ed


Beneduce Vineyards- 9/15/18

Good evening, all! We regret to say that it has been far too long since our last review on this page. We have consistently been posting updates on our Instagram page (@njwineryreviews) every day, but posting formal reviews on this site has been less consistent. For that, we are sorry!


Tonight, we come to you with an experience review from two weekends ago. We ventured up north to Hunterdon County, New Jersey to visit an old favorite, Beneduce Vineyards. Beneduce is in Pittstown, NJ and their first vines were planted in 2009. They are a part of the Winemakers Co-Op in New Jersey and are joined in this Co-Op by four other wineries in the state (we’ll review this during a later post!).

During our visit to Beneduce Vineyards on Saturday, 9/15, we decided to do a tasting with food pairings included (deluxe tasting). We had the opportunity to taste five wines in our tasting with local cheeses, cured meats, and bread included. The price for the deluxe tasting was $15/person (wine tasting alone is a bargain at $5/person).

outside glass

The five wines that we tasted were (tasting notes included):

  1. Gewürztraminer (2/3 stainless steel and 1/3 oak, would go great with Chinese food. Dry style, not like a Finger Lakes region Gewürztraminer)
  2. Charddonay (Well balanced, not an oak-ey Chardonnay, light citrus notes, would go well with many types of foods)
  3. Row’s End Rose (Made with Blaufrankisch grapes, vines are six years old, dry French style rose, refreshing) (pictured above)
  4. Centerfold (Pinot Noir) (Named after its long legs, silk-like tannins, smooth and bold)
  5. Blue 2 Blaufrankisch (Same grape used for the rose above, smoky aroma, ultimate Autumn wine, goes well with any smoked meats)


We could not recommend Beneduce Vineyards enough! They are one of our favorites in New Jersey and clearly have a great Winemaker. Their staff has always been attentive and friendly when we have been. We have many of their wines and cannot wait to try them all someday.

FYI- When you go to do a tasting, please note that you do not get to pick your tasting options. They have pre-selected the wines that you taste during your time (which may explain the cost-effective tasting price). Not a bad thing, just want to make sure you’re aware if you have never been.

Please see below for our updated experience review sheet. We’ve decided to do away with numbers in an effort to keep our reviews as consistent as possible. Our thought is that a numbered rating may mean something different to us than others, so we felt that ’emojis’ may be a better option. We are open to thoughts!


Wine is calling, we must go!

Nick & Ed

Va La Vineyards- 8/25/18 (PA Winery)

Welcome back! Another winery experience review for you guys. This time, we are reviewing Va La Vineyards in Avondale, Pennsylvania. Definitely one of our favorites so far!

Last weekend we took a day to visit three wineries in Southeastern Pennsylvania (Delaware & Chester Counties). We visited Grace Winery, Penns Woods Winery, and Va La Vineyards. All three were great, but Va La Vineyards was definitely the highlight of the trip! They were awarded a spot in the Top 101 wineries in the United States for four years in a row. That’s saying something!

wine display

The experience is unique. The vineyard offers five styles of dry wine only. All styles are blends made from a variety of varietals and clones grown on the estate. The five styles of wine we tasted were:

  1. La Prima Donna (2014)- Amber colored white blend made from Malvasia Bianca, Petit Manseng, Pinot Grigio, Tocai, and Fiano varietals
  2. Zafferano (2015)- Bronze colored white blend made from four clones of Pinot Grigio, Fiano, Tocai, and Petit Manseng
  3. Silk (2016)- Dry Rosato (Rose) blend made from Corvina Veronese, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Petit Verdot, and Lagrein
  4. Castana (2015)- Red wine blend made from Petit Verdot, Carime, Barbera, Lagrein, Sagrantino, and Teroldego
  5. Mahogany (2015)- Their flagship black wine made from Barbera, Malvasia Nera, Charbono, Petit Verdot, Carmine, Teroldego, Lagrein, and Sagrantino

Each of these wine blends were magnificent and unique. We thoroughly enjoyed all five styles and their complimentary food pairings (included with the tasting). We ended up leaving with a bottle of La Prima Donna, Zafferano, Silk, and Castana. The only one we did not purchase was Mahogany; although not for any specific reason!

We are fairly unfamiliar with the majority of varietals and clones used in their blends (some we have never heard of!). Some of the varietals used are very uncommon to wineries in the Northeast (and possibly even the US). Their team of Tasting Associates were extremely knowledgeable about each one and walked us through each blend thoroughly.

If you’re a lover of unique, dry, and full bodied wines, we highly recommend stopping in to Va La Vineyards for a tasting. Tastings are $20/person and include a food pairing for each blend.

See below for our score card for Va La Vineyards. If you visit, please let us know how your experience is! Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend, all!


Wine is calling, we must go!

Nick & Ed

Cape May Winery- 8/12/18


Welcome back for another winery experience review!

Last weekend we stopped at the Cape May Winery while down the shore. The Cape May Winery is located in Cape May, New Jersey and opened to the public back in 1995. If you enjoy wineries and have been to Cape May before, there’s a good chance that you’ve been to this winery already. It is one of the more well-known wineries in the area.

Before we get into our wine tasting experience, we do want to mention that the Cape May Winery sits in the new Cape May Peninsula AVA (for more information on AVA’s, click HERE). This AVA is the newest to New Jersey and a total of six wineries fall into it. The six wineries will begin to list the new AVA on their bottles soon (if not already)!


Now to our experience! We’ve been to the Cape May Winery many times before, so the overall experience was not new to us this time. We did decide to do a tasting to see what new vintages and varietals the winery has to offer. Tastings are $10/person and you get to sample six different wines (and keep you souvenir glass). Ed and I both tried the same six wines, which were:

  1. 2016 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay
  2. 2015 Cape May Pinot Noir
  3. 2017 Cape May Chardonnay
  4. 2017 Cape May Sauvignon Blanc
  5. Cape May Rose
  6. Isaac Smith Red Port

Our three favorites were the 2017 Chardonnay, Rose, and Red Port. The 2017 Cape May Chardonnay is fermented in stainless steel so you get a lot of fruit and acidity on the finish. The Cape May Rose is well-balanced and crisp. We believe they use Chambourcin grapes to make their Rose, which may be why we enjoyed it so much (Chambourcin is our favorite varietal)! Finally, the Isaac Smith Red Port is fermented with brandy to increase the alcohol content. You first take a sip as-is and then you enjoy it with dark chocolate which gives you an entirely different experience.

Recently, the Cape May Winery opened a tap room which serves a total of eight of their wines on tap. You are able to enjoy them by the glass, carafe, growler, or a flight of three. They also have a tapas menu to enjoy with your wines on tap. Highly recommended for an afternoon of day drinking and eating at the shore!

Please see below for our scorecard for the Cape May Winery. We recommend stopping if you have not been already. There are plenty of winery options in the Cape May Peninsula, so search around and find which ones are your personal favorites! We’d love to hear which ones you prefer!

Wine is calling, we must go!

Nick & Ed


White Horse Winery- 8/4/18

Hello there, winery enthusiasts!

We come to you today to provide an in-depth review of the White Horse Winery located in Hammonton, New Jersey. The winery lies within the Outer Coastal Plain AVA and opened to the public in 2016. It is one of the newest wineries in the Garden State.


We visited the winery in the afternoon on Saturday, August 4 for a quick tasting during a day trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey. The winery was packed with enthusiastic customers who were enjoying their tastings, glasses, and bottles of wine while listening to live music outdoors. We were greeted at the door by the lovely winery mascot, Macie, a sweet and energetic Pup!

Tastings are $10/person, or $5/person for wine club members. Ed and I are members of their wine club, so it’s almost like a BOGO free deal, right?! Can’t beat that! During our tasting, we each enjoyed five different varieties of wine. We enjoyed the majority of the wines we sampled, my favorite being the 2017 Vintner’s White. The crisp notes were so refreshing on the hot summer day! One thing that impressed us specifically- White Horse Winery will provide you a clean glass when you switch from White’s/Rose’s to Red’s. We typically experience a winery rinsing your glass with water when you make the switch, so this was a pleasant surprise!


Please see below for our winery review scorecard for White Horse Winery. This scorecard is a living and breathing document and we may make changes as we continue to re-explore the Garden State’s winery regions. We are open to any feedback!

All in all, we highly recommend White Horse Winery. If you find yourself in Hammonton, New Jersey, you should definitely pay them a visit!

Wine is calling, we must go!

Nick & Ed


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